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Employment in the Czech Republic has reached record levels in recent months, with the result that many companies have a wide range of vacancies they cannot fill. There is also an opportunity for many foreigners who can get a well-paid job. However, some of them do not have a valid work permit for foreigners, which puts them at risk of different penalties, which they face in case of detection.

práce načerno cizinciIllegal workers are at risk of expulsion and a high fine

These penalties are by no means small. The Alien Police immediately initiates an administrative expulsion procedure when a "black" (means illegal) worker who does not have a work visa is revealed, when the person usually gets a few days to leave the Czech Republic. There is also a risk of imposing a fine, which can reach astronomical amount of 100,000 CZK! Moreover, when foreigners are employed in this way by an employer who does not keep his or her word, they do not later have any hope of getting a salary for the work they do.

Unconditional penalties may be imposed for illegal employment of foreigners!

práce bez pracovního povoleníHowever, the "undeclared" work is certainly not even advantageous for the employer, because potential penalties many times exceed the "benefits" of such a way of employing workers. After exposing an illegal worker who does not possess a work permit for a foreigner, the matter is handed over to the appropriate labor inspectorate and also to the police, because this type of employment can be classified as a criminal offense if unconditional punishment can be punished in case of guilt! If the offenders were in favor of large scale, they may be sentenced to five years in prison for illegal employment of foreigners! While employees face a fine of up to CZK 100,000, dishonest companies may be fined several millions. In addition, companies are obliged to cover the costs of expulsion of these foreigners, which are tens of thousands. At the same time, they are also obliged to pay all medical costs for medical care provided to foreigners before they are expelled.

Employment Agencies help ensure Employee Card for Foreigners

The Employee Card protects workers and their employers from similar, unpleasant problems that they face in the event of disclosure. The argument that obtaining it is a bureaucratically demanding process with uncertain results will not stand. This problem is not a concern for the worker or the employing company, but a request for an employee card can be handled by a specialized employment agency without any major concern. One of them is our agency IRS Czech. It is important to choose only from such agencies that boast a sufficient number of positive references to their services!

Are you interested in completing work permits for foreigners?

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