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The official name of this visa is a short-term Schengen visa for the purpose of employment.
It is intended for foreigners from third countries who want to work legally in the Czech Republic. It is awarded for a maximum of 90 days.


How does a short-term visa process work?

  • We report vacancy to the Labor Office (LO).
  • We will prepare documents for filing an application for employment of foreigners, including an employment contract.
  • We will arrange employment permits for foreigners at the Labor Office.
  • Then we will fill in the Schengen visa application.
  • We will arrange an interview at the Embassy of the Czech Republic.
  • We inform you about your obligations when you arrive to the Czech Republic.

Who is a short-stay visa for?

Not sure if this type of visa is suitable for you? Feel free to contact us. We will arrange for you all the formalities associated with issuing a short-term work permit.


How long does a short-term visa be issued and how long does it take to settle?

The visa is issued for a maximum of 90 days. Short-term work permits cannot be renewed and are issued only to a specific employer.

Therefore, a foreigner with this type of visa cannot change employer.

We will arrange a short-stay visa within 3 - 6 weeks

Are you interested in a longer working stay?

We can also help with the handling of your employee card or Blue Card.

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