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Staying in the Czech Republic is possible not only for those interested but also for his/her relatives. What does a visa for a family member involve? In principle, a 'Schengen' or 'short-stay' visa can be obtained on the basis of a family relationship, which is intended for stays of less than 90 days. Who is by definition a family member of an EU citizen:

  • husband / wife
  • parent
  • child under 21 years of age
  • a foreigner attesting to a family relationship

What is required to apply for a short-stay visa:
vyřídíme vízum pro rodinné příslušníky(quote from the State Department website)

  • completed relevant application form "Schengen visa application"
  • travel document
  • photo
  • documents proving the existence of an EU citizen (ie a copy of an EU citizen's identity card or passport)
  • a document confirming that you are a family member of an EU citizen (marriage certificate, birth certificate, proof of dependence, serious health reasons, evidence of a permanent relationship)
  • proof that the EU citizen is already in the Czech Republic, where you will follow him, respectively proof of the planned trip of the EU citizen and his / her accompanying applicant to the Czech Republic (eg reservation of air tickets)

How to proceed with the application:

If the family member is not an EU citizen himself, it takes 14 days to process the visa. In justified cases, this period may be extended to up to 30 or up to 60 days. The application is free of charge. A positive visa application is not automatic. Competent authorities are empowered to carry out investigations to determine whether all the facts presented are based on a real state of affairs. The long-term visa for stays of more than 90 days has the following conditions for obtaining the following:

Long-term residence for the purpose of family reunification:

vízum pro rodinuThe family member in this case means:

  • the foreigner's spouse with a legal residence
  • dependent minor or minor child
  • dependent minor or minor child of a foreigner's spouse
  • foreigner with a residence permit in the territory of the Czech Republic or his / her spouse in alternative family care by a decision of a competent authority or who has been adopted by a foreigner with a residence permit in the Czech Republic or by a spouse whose guardian or spouse is a foreigner with a residence permit The Czech Republic, if the care of a minor foreigner is to be performed in the Czech Republic
  • a lone foreigner over 65 years of age or, irrespective of age, a foreigner who is unable to take care of himself / herself for health reasons, if the family reunification with the parent or child is allowed stay in the territory.

What is required to apply for a visa for family reunification:

  • application for long-term residence permit
  • valid travel document
  • 2 photos
  • proof of purpose of residence
  • funds for residence in the Czech Republic
  • proof of accommodation in the Czech Republic
  • extract from the criminal record of Ukraine

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