What are the most used visas for foreigners in the Czech Republic?


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All foreigners who decide to travel to the Czech Republic for any purpose are subject to the so-called visa requirement. Without this permit, ie without a visa, it is not possible to travel to the Czech Republic. Of course, it is also necessary to distinguish the purpose for which the foreigner travels to our country. For example, it may be a long-term stay, ie one that will be longer than three months, then a short-term stay that is shorter than 90 days or a foreigner may choose to work, study, stay for family reasons or reasons for doing business, organizing a cultural event or deciding to come for an invitation. All these reasons play a huge role if the applicant comes to apply for a visa to the competent authority. How do the different types of visas differ?

Long-term visa

dlouhodobá víza pro cizince

If a foreigner is interested in a long-term stay in the Czech Republic, ie a stay longer than three months, he / she must apply for a long-term visa. At any embassy in the Czech Republic or even abroad, you can apply for this visa without any problems. However, to obtain it, you will need a variety of documents and confirmations, especially your travel documents, including photos, proof that you have accommodation throughout your long stay in the country, a document that demonstrates the purpose of your long-term visit, and whether you have sufficient resources to allow your stay in the country. You can also ask for a document proving your health status or a criminal record.

Short-term visa

A short-term visa for a foreigner entitles you to stay in the Czech Republic for up to 90 days. In some cases, it may be restricted to certain states, for example, only to the Czech Republic.

Work Visa

odbor cizinecké policieIf you have a working visa for Ukrainians in your viewfinder, you will have to use a so-called employee card that entitles a foreigner to stay in our country for a job offer. The employee card works on the same principle as a long-term visa and entitles the applicant to stay on our territory for more than 3 months. Often, the permitted length of stay is also determined according to how long a particular foreigner has a contract with the employer. If a foreigner wants to work in a position that requires a certain level of education or higher vocational or university education of at least three years, he / she must apply for a so-called Blue Card, which will then entitle him / her to the job.

Family reason of stay

If a foreigner wants to spend some time in our country for family reasons, he has the right to do so, of course. He will thus apply for visas for family members or for the possibility of staying in the Czech Republic for more than 90 days. It will also be necessary to add to the relevant application documents the reason for your family stay, or to document, for example, a birth certificate, marriage certificate or proof of guardianship etc. 

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