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re you interested in employing workers from Mongolia for more than 1 year?
Do not hesitate to use the current project Mongolia (Other States Mode).
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What are the conditions for logging into Mongolia scheme project?

Obchodní činnost 2 roky.Your company must have been in business for at least two years.

Minimálně 10 zaměstnanců.You have at least 10 employees.

Finanční správaYou will prove indebtedness to the Tax Office and the Czech Social Security Administration.

Vybraní zaměstnanci.You already have selected employees from Mongolia.


If you meet the above requirements, we will handle everything else for you.

The course of cooperation in the Mongolia scheme project

Take advantage of Recruiting from Mongolia

And find the ideal employees with us for your company.

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What is the Mongolia Mode project (other states regime)?

The project was created on the basis of cooperation between the Ministry of the Interior, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Industry and Trade. It is intended to help achieve the employment quota for workers from Mongolia and dismantle the duty of meeting to apply for an employee card. The annual capacity for this project is 1000 applicants per year. Mongolia focuses on employing only skilled workers. The advantage of the project is that after enrollment you are in Mongolia scheme for up to 1 year and during this year you can apply for dozens of skilled workers from Mongolia. This is a process that only takes 3 months.