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The period of validity of the long-term residence permit may be extended repeatedly, in particular for:

necessary to achieve the purpose, which requires a stay in the territory of less than one year,
1 year of a temporary stay for study with a probable length of stay longer than 1 year,
the corresponding time stated in the work permit,
with a member of the family of a resident of another Member State of the European Union, the period of validity of the residence permit issued to that resident,
the period laid down in the Voluntary Service Agreement or the Voluntary Service of Youth in the Host Organization with a long-term residence permit for study,
with a researcher’s family member, the period of validity of the long-term residence permit issued to the researcher,
the corresponding validity of the long-term residence permit issued to the holder of the family reunification authorization,
for a 5 years, of a long-term residence permit for family reunification and with a family member of a foreigner with a permanent residence permit,
for a maximum of 2 years, in the case of a blue card,
up to 2 years in other cases, if more than one year is required to achieve the purpose.
The validity of the long-term residence permit to study in the territory may be renewed repeatedly, but not longer than 2 years if it was issued for education at a higher vocational school or university studies. If such a permit was issued for unpaid professional experience, it may be renewed only once for a period corresponding to the period laid down in the professional practice agreement in the host organization. In other cases, the validity of this authorization is not extended.

The period of validity of an employee card may be repeatedly extended to the period for which an employment contract or employment agreement has been concluded, but not longer than 2 years. With employment carried out on the basis of a work permit, the validity of the staff card will be extended for the period corresponding to the time specified in the decision to extend the work permit.


If you apply for termination of stay on the territory of a permanent residence permit, do so at the workplace of the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republiccompetent according to the place of the reported residence (residence) by making a request for termination of stay. 3 days before the end of your stay in the Czech Republic, you will also return your residence permit if issued as a separate document. You can do so by post, either by registered mail or by valuable lettering sent to the Ministry of Interior, with your contact address.

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